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Olympia shredders Show caseOlympia Business Systems, Inc. unites a proven past with a bright future. Offering quality products for over 110 years. Building a great tradition with new technology, Olympia has merged with Martin Yale Industries, Inc., a renowned industry leader providing innovative
products and offering a global network in over 130 countries worldwide.

Olympia Business Systems's Shredders features outstanding performance for its brand well known for its powerful, affordablity, and versatility. These high capacity machines are designed based on today's technology standards for large volume shredding in a central location and can serve the needs of an entire organization.

  Olympia Feature Products
Shred Type: CrossCut
Sheet Capacity: 13 - 16
Speed: 30 feet/ minute
Throat Size: 9 1/2"
Shred Size: 1/8"
Our Price: $3,984
List Price: $4,355




















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