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How to oil your paper shredder?
  Shredder Help

Shredder Help

How do I choose the right shredder?   What do the specifications mean?

As you probably found out, there are many different types of paper shredders out there.  We want you to be satisfied with the shredder that you choose.  You can do this in 3 easy steps.  So lets go through this, step by step and choose the right shredder for you.  You can always call us for a free consultation if you have any questions or concerns.  1-800-992-5279

Keywords and Specifications

Shred Size:
The size of the shredded pieces after the document has been shredded.
Sheet Capacity:
The maximum sheets of paper the shredder can handle at a time.
Speed (ft./min.):
The speed at which the shredder shreds measured in feet per minute.  (measure of power)
Output (lbs./hr.):
The weight of the shredded pieces measured in pounds per hour.   (measure of power)
Feed Opening:
The width of the mouth (entry point) of the shredder.
Electrical (V AC):
The electrical power the shredder needs to operate.
Ship Weight (lbs.):
The shredder weight along with the packaging.
Smaller, lighter shredder made for low volume shredding.
Mid-size shredder ideal for a small office, medium volume shredding.
High Volume
Bigger more powerful shredder that can even handle CD's and file folders and high volume paper shredding.  Ideal for a bigger office in a centralized position with higher volume shredding
High Capacity
Safer and more convenient than using an outside shredding service that can shred bound ledgers, ring binders, stacks of printouts, storage media such as tapes and CD's- even entire wastebasket contents can be fed into these powerful Industrial sized Destroyit shredders. 
Cutting Heads:
The physical blades that cut the paper into pieces.   Destroyit models offer 5-year warranty on this part.

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